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Roof Repairs

Elite Roofing knows what Southern Ohio’s rains, snow, winds, and hail can do to homes and businesses from Cincinnati to Columbus and everywhere in between. We’re standing by to come to your rescue when storms strike. We’ll be on your premises quickly to fix the roof problems commonly caused by unexpected events. We are the experts for all Cincinnati roof repair

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Is Your Roof Damage Covered by Insurance?

Your homeowners insurance provider recognizes that your roof is essential to protecting the value of your home and all of its contents. If your property was subject to unexpected damages from one of Souther Ohio’s severe storms, your roof might very well be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. With a properly filed claim, clearly documenting all the repair or replacement work necessary, Elite Roofing can help you get the funds you deserve for a full roof restoration.

Need Roof Repair or a Full Replacement? Elite Roofing is Ready

Roofing materials are durable. If your roof is old it can still provide years of protection with proper maintenance and repair. If you’re in need of shingle replacements, new flashing, soffit or fascia repairs, schedule a FREE consultation with the roof experts in Elite Roofing. We’ll be transparent about the conditions of your roof system and whether you need a roof replacement or just a roof repair Ohio.

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Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

It’s not always easy to tell when you need a roof repair. However, you should consider calling the pros at Elite Roofing if you notice:

Cracked or curled shingles

If any of these symptoms appear on your shingles, they have likely reached the end of their lifespan. But before deciding to replace them, check whether they can still be repaired. Doing this can save you thousands of dollars.

Displaced or missing flashing around chimney or vents

The flashing provides a water-tight barrier around the chimney or vents. It is often constructed of steel or aluminum and can endure up to 30 years. However, if this corrodes or splits, water may enter your chimney and house. So once you’ve noticed that the flashing around your chimney or vents is displaced or missing, immediately perform roof repair.

Rotting fascia or soffits up under your roof’s eaves

If gutters overflow because they are blocked by debris, improperly installed, or otherwise damaged, water can ruin the soffit and fascia. It can lead to rotting, so once you’ve noticed them, it is a sign that you need roof repair immediately before they worsen. 

Water spots on an interior wall or ceiling

Your ceilings and interior walls will be affected by a roof leak that has made its way through the attic. This water damage will become visible through the walls once there is enough moisture present. The wall could become discolored, either darker or yellower. Additionally, the wall will start to feel softer to the touch, and mold or mildew could begin to form. If the water damage is ignored, it will only worsen and there is a chance that moisture will enter the electrical system, shorting it out or posing a risk of electrocution.


Elite Roofing has a lot of experience in roof repair Ohio.  Fixing your roof now and maintaining it on a regular basis can save thousands of dollars tomorrow. Contact us today and let our skilled hands do all the roof repair work!

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