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Why Does My Roof Only Leaks Sometimes​?

Posted on February 20, 2024

Why Does My Roof Only Leaks Sometimes​?

When we think of roof leaks, what usually comes to our mind is continuous water dripping from the roof through the ceiling. But this is not always the case. Water leaks are not always cut and dry. Sometimes you might experience a leak but other times you won’t, even under the same circumstances. And these occasional intermittent leaks may lead you to ask “why does my roof only leaks sometimes?” Well, there are several reasons why.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss common reasons why your roof only leaks sometimes This way, you’ll know what to do to address them before they worsen and cause significant damage to your roof and your home in general.

So, Why Does My Roof Only Leaks Sometimes​?

  • Improper roof installation. When your roof is not properly installed, it can cause intermittent leaks. The leaks are not consistent mainly because water enters only through the parts of the roof that are poorly installed (such as shingles or roofing panels) or not properly sealed (such as vents or chimneys). 
  • Damaged roof. Another reason why your roof leak is intermittent is that it may have been damaged by hail, storms, tornadoes, or even strong winds. These have resulted in cracks, tears, or punctures on the roof that allowed water to enter through them. While roofs are designed to protect homes from nature’s elements, not all of them can withstand extreme weather conditions. Others are more susceptible to damage, especially from water leaks. 
  • Horizontal or windy rain. This usually occurs when heavy rains are combined with strong winds. Rains are supposed to run off the roof and drain through the gutters. But when it falls parallel to the roof, the water will not run off easily. Because it hits horizontally, it will instead penetrate the inside of the roof making it more vulnerable to water damage.
  • Ridge vents. If you ask why does my roof only leaks sometimes, then ridge vents may be one of the reasons why. This type of vent is supposed to prevent water from entering the interiors of your property. However, if they are not properly installed or are not water-resistant, then they cannot effectively keep the water out. When it rains, some water may instead enter through these vents and cause intermittent leaks.
  • Damaged flashing. This is the roofing material that is used to prevent water from entering the openings and cracks on your roof. It is supposed to be impervious to the waters. However, if it is broken, cracked, or has started to shift and separate, then water can easily seep through beneath them. This can cause moisture to build up and cause an inconsistent leak.
  • General wear and tear. As your roof ages, it can become less and less effective in keeping water out from the interiors of your property. After some years or when it is already nearing the end of its lifespan, it may already start cracking, warping, and tearing which provides easy access for water to enter when it rains. This may be the reason why you are experiencing intermittent leaks now.

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