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Roofing Ohio. Why Homeowners Need an Experienced Contractor

Posted on February 20, 2024

Roofing Ohio. Why Homeowners Need an Experienced Contractor

Finding the right roofer in southern Ohio can be a daunting challenge. No doubt there are plenty of great ones and Elite Roofing & Construction is a prime example. But before homeowners decide on an Ohio-based roofing company, like Elite, they should ask the right questions. 

A good roofing specialist doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walks. Seldom is any one contractor a Jack-of-all-trades, rather knowing roofing and special construction methods inside and out is the key to getting a roof that outlasts its warranty, provides years or decades of leak-free comfort, and enhances the market value of a property.

No one ever wants to see a roofing Ohio project fully completed and looking spiffy only to discover, a few weeks later, that it leaks like a sieve. Maybe the flashing wasn’t installed properly around roof penetrations, like chimneys and skylights, or maybe the roofer failed to properly overlap shingles.

As a homeowner, these contractor missteps are hard to see, but will surely lead to issues that could result in leaks. Plus, it may be difficult to get a less-than-reputable roofer back to the job site to fix such problems. In the end, it didn’t matter if the homeowner had purchased the finest materials,  they now have a costly problem on their hands!

Choosing the Best Contractor for Roofing Ohio:

Here are the things property owners need to know to make the right decision on selecting a superior roofer in Ohio:

1) Past Customer Recommendations

It’s always a “plus” to have neighbors, friends or coworkers who used the contractor and were pleased with the work they performed. GREAT! A trusted referral is always a positive indicator that you are looking into a good roofing Ohio contractor. But homeowners should feel a rapport with the contractor they find.

At first, a contractor like Elite Roofing & Construction can’t establish instant trust, they have to earn it, but the way they work with and thoroughly inform property owners on what to expect in the roofing job ahead is a good indication things will be done right.

2) Ask Questions Freely

If a homeowner is thinking of hiring a contractor they know nothing about, they can “pre-qualify” them by finding out the results of recent jobs they have completed. That means contacting a past client or two to ask them if  the contractor stuck to the timeframe and budget. Homeowners should ask how the contractor did when it came to important tasks, such as handling the disposal of old shingles and performing clean-up of the property after the roof tear-off and new roof installation.

Take the time to review the roofing company’s website and/or the presentation they offer to walk you through during their selling process. Good roofing contractors like Elite Roofing & Construction can show homeowners before-and-after pictures of past work; information about their company and their team; and manufacturers’ warranties and workmanship guarantees for products they recommend.

3) Learn The Contractors Installation Process

Elite Roofing & Construction adheres to best practices for roof replacements in Ohio. The company can explain all the steps in their process. In doing so, homeowners gain an understanding of all the steps involved in doing a roof installation properly and can better assess the value of the work and fairness of the estimate.

Not all contractors will have the same approach but the basic, essential steps and care taken in explaining the process is a great indication of a contractor’s competence and dedication to quality.

4) Ohio Roofing Contractors and Contractor Certification Requirements

Each state is different and sometimes municipalities require certain credentials for roofing contractors. The state of Ohio does not have a statewide license for construction contractors. Licensing is regulated on the local level.

Residential work is covered by each individual county’s building department. For instance, to perform roofing work in Columbus, Ohio a contractor needs to complete a Home Improvement Contractor application.

On the application, the contractor specifies whether they are a Home Improvement General Contractor or a Home Improvement Limited Contractor License. Ask your preferred roofer in Ohio if they have the right, local certifications to perform roofing work.

5) Look for Roofing Ohio Contractors Who are Local or In-State

A roofing company’s service area is important. It’s always preferable to find a roofer that works locally. Some roofing companies are very large and have operations in multiple areas. That’s fine, too. The important thing is, have they recently completed jobs in the general vicinity, or at least the state where the job is to be performed. 

Some contractors are storm chasers which can be good in times of critical need, but storm chasers can also be opportunists who travel across states to take advantage of a tragic situation, perform fast, careless work never to be heard from again. Elite Roofing & Construction wouldn’t think of conducting its business in that way, no matter what the degree of need is in a storm-stricken area.

6) Don’t Automatically Accept the Lowest Bid

Homeowners should not be motivated solely by cost. Many people try to get multiple competing bids on their roof job and compare contractors on a variety of variables. Maybe the lowest bid satisfies their criteria for acceptable products and installation methods.

On the other hand, a higher bid might include better materials and workmanship guarantees. No other structural aspect of your home is more important than a high-quality roof and its proper installation, so homeowners should do their research and see why Elite Roofing & Construction qualifications are superior.

7) Get the Roofing Ohio Proposal in Writing

A good contractor like Elite Roofing & Construction gives its clients job estimates in writing.  Property owners should always try to read “the fine print” and ask questions about anything that is unclear to them.

A roofer in Ohio should have a written proposal that clearly states all tasks to be performed, the associated costs and the contractor’s payment schedule. Contractors will tell you they stand behind their work but get their guarantee in writing, too.

Elite Roofing & Construction is A Property Owners Best Bet!

The hard-working team at Elite Roofing & Construction strives to be fair in every project they take on.  Like never before, they know how important it is to deliver great work.

In the Digital Age, contractors know that careless and faulty workmanship, poor material choices, or less-than-transparent communication with the homeowner just doesn’t cut it. Elite Roofing & Construction is quality-driven, honest and forthright.  In Ohio, homeowners can’t go wrong by considering Elite Roofing & Construction for jobs big and small.