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As the best metal roofers in Ohio, Elite Roofing delivers only the best types of metal roofing for our customers. You can choose from any of the following:


Cost-effective Performance Panel is a 29-gauge durable, weather-resistant roofing solution. The panels not only provide excellent protection against the elements and increase the life of your roof, but they lower the need for maintenance. AG Panels are a cost-effective, high-performance metal roofing system.

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Metal Roofing


If you are looking for a contemporary-style roof that will amaze, standing seam is the ticket. Popular for its use on historical buildings such as the Monticello, our 1” rib 26 gauge NCR Snap Loc Standing Seam has come into its own as a premium roofing system, offering a fresh vibrant look with its sleek lines and hidden fastener design.


If you want a stylish new roof that will amaze your friends and neighbors, standing seam is the ticket. Popular for its use on historical buildings such as the Monticello, our 1 3/4” rib 24 gauge Series 2000 Standing Seam has come into its own as a premium roofing system, offering a fresh, vibrant, and elegant look.



Metal Roofing


Durability. Some metal roofs, when properly built, can withstand wind gusts of up to 140mph. It won’t corrode or split easily. Furthermore, metal roofs don’t require the regular, expensive maintenance that other roofing materials frequently need, so long as they are properly maintained.

Longevity. The longevity of metal roofing is consistently cited as the greatest advantage. Metal has a far longer lifespan and is much more durable than conventional asphalt shingles. So long as they are properly installed and maintained, a typical metal roof can last between 25 to 50 years. Higher-end metal roofs, such as those with aluminum shingles and field-locked standing seam, may even last for more than 50 years while metal roofs made of copper or zinc can last for far over a century!

Easy to install. Metal roofs are lightweight and manageable thanks to their length, width, size, proportion, and other features. Because of this, it is quite simple to handle and install.

Energy-efficient. Metal roofing reflects the UV and infrared light rays from the sun instead of absorbing them. This reduces the heat on the roof’s surface lowering your cooling expenses by about 10 to 25%.

Environmentally-friendly. Metal roofs are composed of 25 to 95% recycled materials. In addition, they are also completely recyclable at the end of their lifespan. So instead of ending up in a garbage pit somewhere, it can be used and repurposed to manufacture another metal roof.

Resistant to moss and fungus. Wood and asphalt shingle roofs have a shorter lifespan because of their susceptibility to fungus, moss, and mildew. However, with a metal roof, you are safe from all of those fungus attacks.

Impact and Fire Resistant. Metal roofs won’t spark and catch fire During a wildfire or lightning strike. They are made to withstand harsh weather conditions so they won’t easily be damaged. Depending on the type of metal roof installed, they are basically impact resistant.

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